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We will develop your website using WordPress’s platform according to your design request and WordPress native CMS to make the website editing and maintenance easy and developer free. 

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Our dedicated Website Development Team becomes your partner. Website Developers breathe your vision, understand your product and focus on reaching your business goals.


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( £1.87 per day. )


I will be available to start working on the project on the 1st week of May ( 2 days from today ), and believe we can get it online by 2nd week of May  ( by 10th May ).

*These dates are under the assumption that I get an approval for the proposal in the upcoming days. If it takes longer to approve, new dates need to be confirmed.

What's Next

I will be happy to answer any question regarding this proposal. You can reach me at my phone – 07387 925 601 or at brendxltd@gmail.com or info@brendx.com.

After you approve this proposal, I’ll send in final dates for project deadline.

Once the down payment is in, we can start the actual work.


  1. Payment structure: 50% upfront, 50% after website is fully developed.
  2. Payment via Bank transfer. (Given below)
  3. Additional work beyond 3 round of revision will be charged at £40/h.
  4. New components that are not described in the scope of work will be assessed in a new estimate.
  5. Business day count start only after the client provides all resource requested, such as images, contact details, etc.
  6.  After the work is completed and payment has been received, I will transfer the website project ownership to your account.
  7. In case of project cancellation after the work has started, the client will pay for the relative part of the work.


Nationwide Building Society
Name: Edgar Bastiampillai
Account No: 3530 1487
Sort Code: 07 – 04 – 36


Edgar Bastiampillai.

Edgar Bastiampillai.


    Mr. P.Santhiapillai